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B.E. Creative Temp Station™

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Original price $174.95
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Current price $134.95
Color: Black

Introducing the B.E. Creative Temp Station™

3D-Printed In The United States!

The newest and most efficient way to safely consume your concentrates, and keep count of them too! Features include:

  • Stay-in-place gooseneck arm to accompany a majority of rigs at various heights
  • Integrated Dab Counter which keeps track of how many dabs you’ve taken
  • State of the art infrared (IR) temperature sensor specifically programmed to warn you when the temperature of the banger or nail is over 750°F (the temperature at which unsafe dabbing begins: Why Low Temp Matters?)
  • Custom firmware programmed in-house in the United States

What's in the box: Temp Station™, Rubber Feet, Charging Cable, Getting Started Card, and Sticker!

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