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20mm Wishing Well by Black Market Glass

Original price $549.95 - Original price $549.95
Original price
$549.95 - $549.95
Current price $549.95

Information written by Black Market Glass:

"This is our first step in adding shape to our BLENDER by changing its rotational direction to up and out. This is translated into a cone shape, which adds tons of additional surface area and controls the lift to reduce product going down the arm. With powerful centrifugal action, the walls become a primary work zone making accessories all the more entertaining."

"There will only be 333 Clear 20MM Wishing Wells and they will be available with 5 different patterns on the bottom. We call them a “Study in 20mm” to highlight their unique shape, using zero tooling for the cone, lends to slight variation in size and taper."

"Each Wishing Well is individually serial numbered on the arm and comes with a matching numbered wood box and COA.""

Model: 20WW / Date: 2021
Serial: 37 / Batch: 1
Handmade in Portland, OR